Make Nashville Community Open House

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Every Friday is hangout and Make Nashville Community Open House night at the Makerspace! Kick off your weekend by checking out what’s new at the space, hanging out with friends, and learning about what everyone is working on!

What it’s all about:

If you’re interested in the makerspace but don’t know how you’ll use it, Make Nashville Community Open House is your event. You’ll see what we’re building, and maybe even learn how we built it.

This is an evening for hanging out and problem solving – for talking about project details, collaboration and socialization. Are you building a power wheels racer and can’t figure out the drive mechanism? Do you need one-on-one help with your Arduino project? Are you unsure what technique is best for forming PVC for your 20′ geodesic dome?

We may not know all the answers, but we can help you figure it out.

Make Nashville members sew clothes and costumes, create art, create furniture, make pottery, do leatherwork, knit, and many other things that have nothing to do with programming or electronics (although we do that, too, including prototyping, robotics and drones).

All kinds of makers and creatives use Make Nashville, and so should you!


• Some tools and projects are dangerous. Participate at your own risk. Participants younger than 18 must be supervised at all times. You are responsible for any projects, tools, facilities, or people you damage.

• There’s no guarantee that someone can or will help you with a project. Be sure to contact Make Nashville ahead of time to try and schedule time with a member.

• Feel free to bring take-out to the Makerspace and enjoy some great convo with dinner!

Credit where credit is due: Some parts of this description were enhanced by snippets from a similar event held by Fat Cat Fab Lab in NYC. They’re a great hackerspace and great people!

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December 6, 2019 6:00 pm
December 6, 2019 9:00 pm


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