J.U.M.P. Christmas Extravaganza

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J.U.M.P is proud to announce the 2019 23rd Annual J.U.M.P. Christmas Extravaganza! This year, they have continued their mission, which highlights their commitment to elevating awareness of Jefferson Street and the surrounding North Nashville community. Help J.U.M.P. celebrate in the Appleton Room of Jubilee Hall on the campus of Fisk University!  J.U.M.P. is extremely proud of all the work accomplished this year and look forward to getting a J.U.M.P on things to come.

In 1994 a group of concerned citizens — homeowners, business owners, longtime residents and developers with new construction in mind — met to create a framework for advancing Jefferson Street. They talked about the past. They talked about the future. They remembered things that had gone wrong. They pointed out things that had gone right. They had ideas for the future. Ideas that would make the Jefferson Street Corridor a bustling business, university and hospital center, and the kind of neighborhood where you really know your neighbors, eat in their restaurants and buy in their stores. The result of their vision of progress was J.U.M.P. — a non-profit organization whose mission is “To develop, foster and promote cooperative economic development through revitalization, acquisition, education and public safety programs in North Nashville.”

Today over 111 individuals and organizations make up JUMP’s active membership — doctors, lawyers, dentists, master barbers, musicians, ministers, writers, hair stylists, retailers, and restaurateurs — with one thing in common. Keeping Jefferson Street alive and thriving. Help J.U.M.P. through your United Way Contribution!

Below are the 2019 Honorees:

Dan Lane – Candlelight Honoree 2019

Sheila Calloway – Candlelight Honoree 2019

Roger Ligon – Candlelight Honoree 2019

Paula Chavis – Jeffersonian Honoree 2019

Eric Holt – Jeffersonian Honoree 2019

To learn more about J.U.M.P. visit their website where you can find information on their History, Board, Membership, Programs, Initiatives, Events, News, and Volunteer opportunities.

You can contact J.U.M.P. at [email protected] and connect through their Facebook Page.

Image by J.U.M.P.

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December 5, 2019 12:00 pm
December 5, 2019 1:30 pm


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