NDAL Natural Design Workshop

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Natural Design: An Intensive Two-Day Workshop

Instructors: Larry Weaner, FAPLD, Ian Caton, LD, & Dwayne Estes

Cosponsored by Tennessee ASLA

Save the Date for the New Directions in the American Landscape’s (NDAL) February 2020 Natural Design Workshop in Nashville. TNASLA is cosponsoring this program, which provides real world guidance for designing and documenting all phases of native landscape development.

Demand for high performing, ecology-based landscapes is increasing faster than the availability of the specialized knowledge needed for professional practitioners to achieve them. This intensive two-day workshop will provide concrete, real world guidance for designing and documenting native meadows, shrublands, and woodlands. We will also discuss adapting these wild landscapes to the ‘fine garden’ scale for smaller projects and properties.

Attendees will receive an extensive manual (100+ pages) that documents all aspects of the program, including plant selection criteria, plant recommendations, ecological process-based management specifications, and guidance for maximizing the aesthetic and experiential appeal these landscapes can provide.

For more information visit NDAL.org 

Image courtesy of ASLA.

Event Detail

February 17, 2020 8:30 am
February 18, 2020 5:30 pm


Sara Weaner
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