TWIG Holiday Party

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Join TWIG for their annual TWIG Holiday Party at Barcelona Wine Bar. This unique networking opportunity will be a fun evening of great conversation and light bites. Everyone is welcome, you do not need to be a TWIG member to join!

About TWIG:

The story begins at a sustainability conference at Lipscomb University where Tiffany Wilmot and Laurel Creech were appointed speakers. After each spoke, as they were perusing the roster of speakers, they noticed it was comprised of about 89% men and 11% women. And the 11% were about five female speakers! As the conference wrapped up, the five ladies got together and immediately combined their address books of all of their women acquaintances and friends that cared about sustainability. Invitations were sent to a breakfast gathering at Whole Foods Market in Green Hills on a spring day in 2008. Imagine the excitement when over 100 ladies showed up! And what they thought might just be a few gatherings ended up being what you see today at TWiG.

The first group name agreed upon was Green Angels. After feeling some other undertones associated with the name, it was changed to Tennessee Women in Green (TWIG). And when the name changed to TWIG, a lot of thought was put into the imagery around it. The logo shows Laurel’s vision from her childhood in Costa Rica. The large, beautiful trees that fed off each other, were connected to each other, and obtained nutrients from the soil for sharing – that was the vision she saw for TWIG. And obviously the name and logo have stuck!

From humble beginnings at Whole Foods Market to adventures at other meeting places, we are here today. TWIG is growing in membership and leadership, and becoming a strong organization, thanks to many volunteers and leaders that have made it that way. TWIG is proud to host local and national speakers, organize networking social events, and provide a great way to meet and with others who are committed to environmental sustainability.

TWIG hopes to continue to empower, inspire, and connect through our partnerships with other organizations and our scholarship opportunities for members!

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December 10, 2019 4:30 pm
December 10, 2019 7:30 pm


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