Volunteer with Design Your Neighborhood

Volunteer with Design Your Neighborhood Nashville Civic Design Center  Volunteer Opportunities

Nashville Civic Design Center is looking for volunteers to help teach youth about community design through Design Your Neighborhood (DYN)

The Opportunity:
Design Your Neighborhood (DYN) is a comprehensive youth curriculum with the goal of investing the next generation of informed citizens in how the world is built around them. DYN has partnered with Metro Nashville Public Schools and Vanderbilt University to integrate DYN curriculum into 7th and 8th grade classes. We need architects, planners, artists, engineers, sustainability professionals, city officials, and journalism professionals to support student projects and talk about their careers. To learn more and sign up, visit our website.

Minimum Commitment:

  • Prepare for volunteering by reviewing the volunteer manual and/or watching the training webinar (available at https://designyourneighborhood.org/volunteer).
  • Make two one-hour visits to a classroom.
  • Attend the end of year showcase in May.

For questions, email [email protected]

How to Apply:
Find full information here, and click here to apply.

About Design Your Neighborhood:

Design Your Neighborhood (DYN) seeks to engage youth in the community design process as a means to empower and inform the next generation of citizens. As cities grow and change, citizen engagement and understanding of the built environment will be crucial to the quality of our growth. DYN programs and resources fall under the following mission:

Our mission is to invest the next generation of informed citizens in how the world is built around them. Youth will develop an understanding of urban design concepts and the impacts that they have on the quality of community. In turn, they will be empowered to use their voice to impact their own community.


  1. Produce youth who are active agents of change in their communities by:
    • Raising youth awareness of the world/issues around them.
    • Facilitating the realization that they have the ability and capacity to enact change within their community.
  2. Increase skills in critical thinking, research, responsible citizenship, and community engagement.
  3. Increase student awareness of careers related to architecture, urban design, and civic leadership.

Cover image courtesy Design Your Neighborhood.

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